FLL Book

Here on Team 4904: Bot-Provoking, many of us competed in FIRST LEGO League—FIRST’s middle school program. When we were in middle school and looked for more information to help us […]

Weekly Update I

For the last week, Team 4904 has been furiously designing, prototyping, and testing the hardware, software, and electronics of our 2017 robot. The week started with kickoff, where nearly 75 […]

Maker Faire

From May 20-22, Maker Faire was held at the San Mateo Event Center. Our team participated, going around and looking at the various projects. We even had our own area, explaining […]

February 1, 2016

Volume XX CAD team worked on finalizing OuterPanel, piston mounts, and helping Fab with CAM.

January 31, 2016

Volume XIX N/A; however, we did decide over Slack on the simple intake for now.

January 30, 2016

Volume XVIII Fabrication finished all of the bumper mounts, doing some slight modification on the back bumper mounts so that they would fit with the brackets. We have been able […]

January 29, 2016

Volume XVII CAD from 9 to 6, including frustration, unexpected crashes, expected crashes, swearing, and eventual progress on the shooter and intake CADs. Completed test electronics board.

January 28, 2016

Volume XVI More CAD, including the newly integrated simple intake and the powered lowered roller.

January 27, 2016

Volume XV We did more thorough testing of the intake systems from different angles, with the goal of making a decision. However, we decided that both systems performed very well, […]

January 25, 2016

Volume XIV Design Review! We talked about our design to about fifteen parents and showed them a demo. We recieved tons of terrific feedback, especially with regards to our intake […]