Weekly Update 1

January 3rd 2015

The morning began with donuts, bagels, and terrible acting at Woodside high with 9 other teams. We packed into the theater at around 9:30 to find out our challenge. The challenge video rocked the team; highlighting the exciting aspects of robotics beyond engineering.  Bot-provoking played an active role in the Team 100 and 5026, led discussions. Recycle Rush 2015 continued to be discussed even after the event while waiting for rides.

Bot-provoking buzzed from the end of the event all the way till 5 pm at Nueva.  We rushed back to Nueva for a working lunch to closely read the manual; then broke up into small groups to talk about strategy and point maximization. We convened to share out and then dispersed back to brainstorm prototypes. Most people decided on a primarily tote stacking robot that can also stack cans.

The group split up again. Two groups focused on lifting mechanisms, a claw and forklift, that they believed showed promise. A third group set up the game field and worked out kinks in our machines.

After several productive hours we cleaned up and reconvened for a final meeting.


January 4

Another busy day of prototyping and field building, Sunday dawned bright and early at 9am at the Bay Meadows campus. Groups made first draft prototypes of both the claw arm and forklift, while significant progress was also made on the field. Members drew up lists of necessary components like pistons and sensors, so we can start testing those as soon as they arrive.

The new members have been slowly but surely getting used to the inventory system, so clean up went way faster today, with fewer misplaced items.


January 5

No meeting

January 6

Today we completed our field replica and continued to make progress on our other projects.

January 7

One of our members brought in an exciting new laser sensor and the team immediately set to work testing its range and utility. We ran into problems, which the team quickly tried to solve. Another option for distance sensing is ultrasonic, which is less accurate but more complex.