Weekly Update 4

This is week four, a fact that brings mixed feelings to everyone in the FIRST community. Nervous excitement is building on the team because while we are one week closer to competition, it also means that we might have to start working on the robot sometime soon. Jokes aside, we have covered huge ground this last week in every aspect of our team. The most important progress was getting the Tormach (our CNC mill) up and running. We have pumped out 50+ crucial chassis parts just in the last couple of days, which has allowed our build team to start attacking the chassis build. In addition to the CNC mill, it was christmas once again with hundreds of parts arriving, including our maker slide for the grabber mechanism and literally hundreds of brackets and braces. The CAD team has finished digitizing all of the individual parts and are working tirelessly on the integration for the final robot CAD. The 3D printer has gotten little rest as we try and try and try to print the spool that will eventually be crucial to the raising and lowering of the grabbing mechanism. In the electronics department we bolted down the electronics board in its final configuration, while soldering the optical shaft encoders to the drive motors. Since the electronics board was up and running, the programming team got off the ground designing the optimal driver-button setup. They uploaded code and started working on the auto align program that will (in theory) line the robot up with the closest tote using our newly purchased LIDAR. In addition, the programming team has also got the mecanum drive set up, so when the build team finishes the preliminary chassis they will be able to test it out. The inertial measurement unit also came in (for measuring the velocity of the robot and much more), while AJ provided moral support for the programming team. This was all captured by a timelapse, which you will hopefully be able to find on our website soon. Looking at the past week, instead of asking what we did, the better question is what we didn’t do because that would be a shorter list.