They make it possible to try new things, meet new people and compete in a sport we love

We are so thankful to our sponsors for enabling us to participate in FIRST Robotics Competition and continue our STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) education. Our sponsors fund our robot design expenses and competition fees. If you are interested in sponsoring us please email botprovoking@nuevaschool.org

Our Sponsors Receive:

  • Your name as part of the official team name, which is read aloud at competition when introducing the team
  • Your name and logo featured on our competition robot
  • Your name and logo featured on team t-shirts
  • Your name and logo on team promotional materials and website

2013-2014 Sponsors

2014-2015 Sponsors

2015-2016 Sponsors

2016-2017 Sponsors

  • The Voorhis Family
  • BAE Systems
  • Google
  • Marc Tarpenning and Erika Shillinger

2017-2018 Sponsors

As always, we are grateful to The Nueva School for their continued support and help with our team. Without them, we would not exist!