As part of our outreach program, our team hopes to further the reach of STEM beyond our school and into surrounding organizations. Our goal is to promote innovation at a vast scale. One way we work towards this goal is by hosting and participating in community-based STEM-centric events. By hosting educational events on our campus, we spread the knowledge we gain through FRC to others who otherwise would not have STEM opportunities. As part of our mission, our team believes in giving back to the community. STEM is an integral part of community and it is a value that we hold of utmost importance.

2013-2014 Season

STEM is an integral part of the community and it is a value that we hold of utmost importance. Therefore, just as eluded to in our mission, we mentor FLL teams and encourage them to pursue, develop, and learn about their passions in STEM. During the FLL season, we mentored The Nueva Rollercoasters by going to their meetings and helping them discover basic mechanical concepts, such as part economics, jigs, and good programming practices. We also helped them on their project, helping them apply design thinking to generate creative and realistic ideas. To help them verify the practicality of their solution we encouraged them to contact the Meteorologist on the KGO news team.

2014-2015 Season

This year, we took part in a wide variety of outreach projects. We wanted to give back to our community even more than the previous year, and tried to do as many things as possible, within the limitations of our budget, numbers, and experience.


Bot-Provoking took part in a couple of different mentorship projects as part of our outreach program. For example, we often spent Fridays and weekends helping out FLL teams. We helped them build awesome robots and gave them advice and tips on engineering and robotics.


Additionally, we help out FRC teams. We are mentored a rookie team, and we helped other teams in any way we could. A new team ourselves, we loved helping FRC teams that were just starting out!


Bot-Provoking played a large role in our school’s open houses. We took initiative to teach kids about robotics and get kids interested. At open houses, we did robot demos and presentations for prospective middle and high school students. We also helped out by teaching hands-on activities, such as building small robots.

We also helped out at FLL tournaments. Many of our team members have benefited from FLL and we loved giving back to the community that helped us get interested in engineering.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


FLL Book

Many of our team members participated in FLL when they were younger, and they noticed a need for a kid-friendly reference guide. To solve this problem, we created an FLL book for kids to use in order to learn about FLL. This book is meant specifically for kids, but coaches and adults will find it helpful as well. It is an easy-to-read and interesting guide to everything about FLL. Our book teaches about all the different aspects of FLL.

As we do more outreach projects, we will update our website. Expect many more outreach adventures this year!