Our Mission

The plans of a fourth-year team are rampant with opportunity. It is vital that we find ways to start our legacy on a strong foot. Our goals for the next two years are as follows:

Being a team from a school that has less than 400 students, we are somewhat limited by our school’s size factor. However, we have worked hard to build a team of over 70 students, around 20% of the school body. We look forward to expanding our team to include even more dedicated students in the coming years. Our small size, coupled with our still young status, means that we lack some of the experience in FRC that other teams might have, but that hurdle will be easily overcome by our eagerness to learn. We plan to demonstrate an increasing level of skill in FRC competition and outreach with each successive year, and our team members will develop greater expertise in their areas of interest. We hope to, and will make efforts towards, bridging the STEM gender gap that exists in modern society. We are a co-ed team with 37% female team members, and we hope that that number will certainly increase as the next few years pass. It is important to us that we facilitate gender equality and support.

We want to focus not only on improving our own team, but also our relationships with other teams. We have worked hard to develop our relationships with other teams and have the pleasure of starting and mentoring the d-tech high school team this year. We deeply understand the idea of Gracious Professionalism and we embrace competition and its ability to foster innovation. At the same time, we would not hesitate to help another team when they needed it. We intend to practice the values of FIRST not only within FRC, but also in every other aspect of our lives.

Bot-Provoking really appreciates our lead mentor – Michelle. She grants us the necessary tools for success and facilitates our growth as individuals while simultaneously making FIRST robotics a truly enjoyable experience. Whether its her infectious passion or motivational presence, she truly inspires greatness with in each of us.

Will Rogers, a famous American actor, once said: “Good judgement comes from experience, and a lot of that comes from bad judgement.” We are a fourth-year team who is still experimenting and testing ideas. We do not have much experience, but that does not mean we cannot learn. Ultimately, our team sees FRC as an outlet through which we can explore our passions. Each member of our team decided to join because they were extremely interested in some aspect of FRC. We have students with a wide variety of skills and an environment that fosters creativity. FRC is the perfect opportunity for us to apply what we know and wish to learn towards a collaborative challenge. We are only limited by what we can imagine, and we will focus on developing our solutions accordingly over the next few years.